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September 30th, 2005

11:14 am - Just an average day...
((OOC: This takes place before September 17th)

Sal unlocks the door to the room and enters. Placing his bag on his desk, he starts unpacking it. After taking way too many items for the bag's size out of it, he sits down on a chair. With a deep breath, he looks to see if Myca's here.
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September 22nd, 2005

08:47 pm - Late night typing

Journal Entry September 1st, 2005

So my roomie's one of us, if a wanderer... not at all surprising. Based on what the Chairman implied, the school's a base for our eastern counterparts. He's probably the one who set up this exchange. I wonder how many of the people I met on the plane and at the school are also one of us...

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September 10th, 2005

08:12 am - Written between Xbox games

Journal Entry, August 30, 2005

I suppose I should get in the habit of doing this when I can:

The flight was interesting. Met a bunch of fellow students, some of which are a little... strange. Good thing I've gotten used to strange, I guess. One student looks like he's going to be our wrench in the gears (assuming he's one of us).

Terry. I don't know what his malfunction is, but he needs to get a grip. Gave me the bug-eye for speaking one line of Japanese on the plane. The girl I said it to went on for a while in Japanese and he didn't even blink. (Maybe he has the hots for her or something *shrug*) He showed his utter lack of a clue though when we arrived. Half of the students that I've seen since the plane already know Japanese. Which is a good thing. It'll help us forge connections with the student body. It's also respectful to talk to people in their native tongue. But Terry? He's so bent out of shape about not knowing the language that he whined at me about it. In front of our hosts. He apparently thinks an effort to bridge the gap between our cultures on our part isn't an effort at making connections. Yet he claims that he doesn't want to offend them... gotta find out if he's one of us... I'll test him soon. If he's one of us, I'll give him a "shut the hell up until you get a clue" primer or something.

If he's one of us, I hope he learns to keep his mouth shut before he fraks everything up. he's obviously missed the point. Whoever picked him to go must've had total rejects to pick from.

Anyways... got my part of the room set up. Still don't know what to make of my roommate though. He(?) looks like a girl, but obviously he can't be... the rooms aren't co-ed. So the jury will stay out on him for now. Won't piss in his Cheerios if he's a she...

Why do I feel I'm going to be living in interesting times?

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Current Music: Dude Looks like a Lady - Aerosmith

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August 29th, 2005

05:19 pm - PH34R the jet lag...
((OOC: the following is written while on this flight.))

Journal Entry, August 29, 2005

Flight to Japan:

Not much to say. The airport (I'm getting sick of them) wasn't so bad. I barely made it to the gate, so meeting up with the roomie(s) will have to wait. Maybe we'll find each other on here and do the sociability thing.

Current Mood: excitedexcited

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04:44 pm - A small change in plans
((OOC: Detroit))

Sal finishes checking in his luggage and grabs his new ticket. **Dear Gaia, am I glad to be leaving this bunch.** Wheeling his carry-on bag, he heads for the security checkpoint, multiple IDs ready and laptop ready for inspection. Once through this exercise in patience and sheepherding, he heads to a cafe for a bite to eat and a chance to breathe.

Once his plane is airborne, he pulls out his laptop:

Journal Entry, August 29, 2005

Flight to San Francisco:

Dear Mother G, thank you for leting me survive the last 24 hours!

The look on Drives-Through-Door's face when he realized that I was his chaperone was priceless. I hope that he succeeds with whatever he was sent to Detroit for, as hush-hush as it still is.

I must remember at some point to pay Eugene back for scheduling that insane flight to Japan from Detroit. I think I would have gone nuts being cooped up on the plane for over a half a day. My leg would probably seized up or something. Luckily the Detroitians were sent my real itinerary, so I'll get an hour or two to stretch my leg in San Francisco. Maybe I'll even meet one of my fellow "exchange students."

And what of my stay in Detroit? Defragging hard drives and convincing the spirits therein to behave. My fingers are still tingling from the shock they gave me. And the old guys... If I heard one more comment about how I should buy an American car... well, I probably wouldn't be writing this, now would I? *g*

G, I hope the food's better on this flight.

Saving the file, Sal closes the laptop as he (hopefully) closes the Detroit part of his life. New vistas await.
Current Mood: irritatedirritated

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August 28th, 2005

02:35 pm - Leaving... on a jet plane...
Sal gives his parents one last hug. "Yeah Dad, I have my passport," he says to his father before even being asked. His mother looks worried, but says nothing as a hulk of a man moves out of the airport crowd to address them.

"Mr. and Mrs. Ferrari? My name is Richard Patini. I'm going to keep your son company on the flight to Detroit. We understand that you want him out of your hair, and we're respecting that. Should you need to contact him in an emergency, get a message to..." The large man looks around at the crowd, "...the head guy. He'll pass it along to our family in Detroit."

Sal rolls his eyes, "I have a cell phone. It's not like I'm going to be in the middle of nowhere." He looks at the line of people for the security checkpoint. "We better get going, big guy. They'll have to check my computer and all that crap, so we don't want to be late." He gives his parents one more hug, "I'll make you proud of me." Without listening for his parents' reply, Sal turns and heads for the line, trying to conceal his limp as much as possible. **What the hell are they going to have me do in Detroit for a few days?**

((Later, on the flight))

Sal opens up his laptop, having ditched the idea of a paper journal. He opens the proper file and starts typing.

Journal Entry, August 28, 2005

Flight to Detroit:

What have I gotten myself into? I thought I was just going to go overseas for some education, but everything seems hush-hush. My brick wall of a chaperone (I can see why they call him "Drives through Doors." It didn't look like he'd fit on the plane) is saying nothing. The "head guy"... nothing. My parents... apparently clueless, though I'm glad they're not freaking out again.

What the hell am I going to do in Detroit for a few days?

Saving the file, Sal closes the laptop as he closes the Baltimore part of his life.

((OOC: Anyone passing through Detroit on their way out? Otherwise, he'll meet you all at Kansai International Airport ))
Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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August 17th, 2005

08:17 pm - A new notebook
Sal pulls out the new notebook out of his backpack. **Better keep this stuff on paper. Harder for some dweeb to try to hack and see** He looks down at the blank page and sighs. He says to himself, "I hate starting these things. Never know what to write."

He stares at the notebook for a while and puts it away again.
Current Mood: boredbored

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